Monday, September 1, 2008

SPOTTED: Clothesforfun

Woot! More goodies from 'em and look at this one here, if it isn't another ruffled toga top! You know how all the ruffled tops are in season now, no? And like even the celebrities are wearing togas on the red carpet! So have you gotten yours yet?

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

More maxi dresses galore! Not only is it dual toned, it also comes with lace. Woot! this one totally spells out femininity alrighty *winks* And seriously, this is one of the few fab priced maxi dresses I've seen around. So get yours already!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata

And look who else has got a maxi dress in? And this one is so "I got a garden on my dress" themed too! Tee-hee. Don't mind me, I seem to be sprouting odd phrases every now and then and they stick around for some time. this one here sure is sweet and simple. And going for a fab price too!

SPOTTED: Midnight Glam

Ooo.. more maxi dresses! I loike it! Tee-hee. A little kimono inspired this one is, no? And the designs, ahh.. the abstract always gets to me. They're just lovely. Better get yours today if you haven't already! Or well, who says you can't have more, no? *winks*


Would you believe it? Only RM 1.oo for this? That is of course if you're the first one to get your hands on it! and no, I ain't kidding. Don't believe me, then go over and check it out yourself already!

SPOTTED: Sassy Chic

I know you ladies adore cardis like I don't know. It's a necessity, almost like rice to some of us. So here's another batch of 'em for you. And yes, very in time for the whole rainy season too!

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

And... if you're looking for longer ones, they have it for you too! I know, some of you are sporting a model's height and it's uber difficult to find clothes that don't end up looking like a mini something on you. So here's to you!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dreams

And we end this with more accessories! A very beachside inspired one, this is. and not your usual silver too, this one is in gold-ish (not too sure what the material is called) and is something to glam up your look with!


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