Monday, September 1, 2008

SPOTTED: StitchesxCrosses *Newbie*

You can like so wear this and say, I've got a garden at my hem. Tee-hee. Awesome, can? I mean like I totally like the whole basic top part and the designs are focused at the bottom so it doesn't scream out loud, look at me!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

And.. they have even more updates! Going back to old school style too. A checked pinafore? Like I don't know, it so reminds me of Gossip Girls, which is starting their Season 2 today! *grins* I can't wait!! But first, dress like them while waiting. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

This is like so the place to be when looking for crocheted goods, no? They keep bringing 'em in and not only that, they always look so good and sells our pretty fast too! This is just online, imagine their offline party this Saturday! Whoosh! Gone!

SPOTTED: Dressierre

More maxi dresses? *giggles* Yup, go bohemian style with this one here alright? And not only that, it is a tube dress that minimizes all the cut the dress can have while letting the bohemian design speak its flair. Sweet

SPOTTED: Ugly Duckling

OMG! I Finally caught their updates without them being sold out already! Reminds me of Pumpkin at the rate their sales go, no? *grins* Ok, here's another toga that isn't fierce. It's actually pretty sweet, no? Especially this one in pink *grins* I'ma loving it. Are you?

SPOTTED: Chatterbeads

I always end the post with accessories, no? Tee-hee. So here's more! At first glance, they look ordinary but wait till you catch a peek at the little bird charms there. ahh.. makes a whole lotta difference already, no? *winks*


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