Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ooo.. look at the zig-zag lines go babes! @_@ Tee-hee. They sure are colourful and wavy and makes you go dizzy staring at them too long alright! *giggles* But they're so irresistibly colourful you just wanna have this hoodie already, no?

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty *Newbie*

Ooo.. more colourful goodies and this one here's on a bikini too! Woot! Like, how fab can it get already, no? This is just one of the many designs available, so hurry and have a look-see before they run out of stocks!

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet *Newbie*

More stripey galore! This post sure makes our eyes turn swirly alright. The colours and now the stripes? *giggles* I'm not too sure if you would make this a mini dress or a long top, I reckon it'll do just nice for both!

SPOTTED: The Envelopes

Waist cincher with roses? How sweet is that, can? *winks* this one would do so well with those sweet dresses already, an extra touch to make it all so beautiful! Grab yours today before it's gone!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Ooo.. check out this sexy top already! And it is padded as well, so go ahead and show off those sexy curves without having to worry about finding that lingerie piece to match it with *grins* You have to check out the back of this piece as well!

SPOTTED: My Shopping Spree II

More sexy back tank tops for you lot. Looks perfectly basic from the front but the back? Ahh.. this one calls for much attention already *winks*


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