Sunday, September 14, 2008

Talk about layers, this one here isn't tri colour, it's tri colour with patchwork as well! Wow! What a great mix of colours there can? Very fall season-like as well! Love it!

SPOTTED: French Kiss

Another BF shirt? But ahh.. this one here is not the usual checks or stripes alright. It's definitely something more with 'em glitters here and there. Love the part where you can tie it too! Sexy, can?

SPOTTED: Angel Attraction

Butterflies on a skirt? Oh my, that's really such a sweet thing, no? *giggles* I'd say so definitely. Especially when they're all so small as well! Wouldn't you wanna own one already?

SPOTTED: Wears and whatnots

Hoodie me likey and there are more and more graffiti kinda prints on 'em lately no? No more plain hoodies! And they look kinda cute too, don't cha think so? *giggles* Hmm.. should I like get one more for my collection? *winks*

SPOTTED: Shopping Fetish

Who else is looking for Little Miss tees? There are here! Only a few selection though compared to the mass amounts we've seen in the past *grins* And hey, take this opportunity to get yours before they go really obsolete and yester-year!

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

Kimono top? A knitted one too mind you! Looks comfy, looks fab and mm.. own it already! *grins* a little closer look and you'll see there are details near the bust area as well. Wow!

What a cute little tote! And.. it doubles up as a sling as well! OMG, like how adorable is that can? totally! Get this for that upcoming event already, something so dainty, you got to have it!

Your sister in shopping

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