Sunday, September 14, 2008

SPOTTED: Fashion Lover

Some girls like it plain whiel others love prints! For those who love some bright colours in your wardrobe, this definitely can be just the thing for you! Floral and much more, make a simple dress, ain't so simple no more! *winks*

SPOTTED: Stitch Project

Jelly lens to add on some yummy-licious effects to your pictures! Just add on your camera lens and voila! Play with colours, double imagery, fish eye lens and much, much more! No need to get a whole brand new costly gadget, just this will do!


More checks on a BF shirt/dress! Now they have gone from small fine checks to huge bold coloured ones. Mmm.. and hey, it does look good, no? Adding on a dose of colour like this *giggles* Plus, button it up? or down? Up to you!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Aww.. look at those sweet floral designs! They really look fab, no? Small prints on a mini dress, makes you look oh-so-dainty already *grins* I loike it! don't you too? Tee-hee. Plus aren't those buttons adorable as well?

SPOTTED: My Shopping Sprees

Aviators baby! They are so stylish, no? Definitely even the bug eye shades can't beat this! now you can have your very own, and many other accessories as well! Check 'em out, there is something for everyone, trust me!


Your sister in shopping

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