Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

Be smart, act smart and look smart at the same time with this one here. Playful puffy sleeves to brighten up your day while that two columns of buttons just spell out, do not mess with me! Ohh.. not to forget the adorable sash at the back too!

SPOTTED: Bags..... *Newbie*

Here's another that just caters to bags alone! And they're all pretty big too, perfect for your convenience to fit every thing, necessity or not right into it! Woot! They even provide you details of postage charges for this, fab!

SPOTTED: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Some girls like to be plain Jane and there is nothing wrong with that. Simplicity after all looks good on its own. So for y'all who just want something basic, here's one for you. An off shoulder top, tight round the hemline to give it a little obi belt feel, no?

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

They're back with more now. Didn't we just saw some patchwork designs the other day? And here's another one. Bright and loud with colours too. so make this your new tube dress or fav skirt. It's sure to catch plenty of attention *winks*

SPOTTED: Pinkie Bliss

Ok, another simple one here. A tee. Goodness, we sure don't see enough of 'em nowadays. What happened to all the Little Miss tees?? Anyhow, I think the faces are in? They're all over tees and dresses now. Have you got yours yet?


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