Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Hey, even they have gotten come colour blocks on their menu. And what I like best? Is the little bit where you tie up the straps! *giggles* So cute, can? and hey, if it's too short for you, just put on a pair of leggings and be off!

SPOTTED: Hearts Fashion

Go retro. Go with 'em polka dots on this one right here. There's nothing like the classic black and white ones. And you know what would look good with that? a bikini top on the inside! Mm.. sexy-licious

SPOTTED: Baby Be Dazzled

Here's one for you to STEAL! Not literally but you know. This piece here is going only for RM 19!! OMG, makes you look so good and slim you wonder why isn't it sold out already. Maybe it is, just not updated. But check it out!

SPOTTED: Luscious Lips

The gladiator craze isn't over just yet. And not only so, they are evolving. From the fierce ones that reach mid calf to wedges and killer heels and even flats, now they are less fierce looking and hey, everyone can own a pair now *winks*

SPOTTED: My Closet Giggles

Another bag! That's right, another one hobo style? Sorta kinda? Am so bad with terminology, can? Best part of this is, it isn't your usual black or tan coloured bag! Try a different colour today with this!

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

Still into the whole BF shirt/mini dress? Yes, wasn't there someone who asked me about them the other day? So here you go! Hmm.. it looks rather sexy, no? This one in black here. Put on a pair of yummy heels and voila!

SPOTTED: Whimsical Lane

We had 'em polka dots. Now we have 'em bubbles. Colourful bubbles everywhere on a halter piece. Ooo.. it's silky too. Yum! Hurry and grab yours now!

SPOTTED: Narmi Jewelry

Here's another one of 'em who handmade their accessories! And my, my, this pair of earrings sure look fab, no? Check out the woven details and the workmanship on this one, and it's amazing that it's handmade! Check 'em out for more designs!


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