Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A pink bag! A pink bag with a ribbon! Ooo.. like how cute is that, can? *giggles* Totally cute, they have it in the classic black too of course! So which one are you gonna get? Both colours look fab, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Pink LadyBirdz

Ooo.. check out this tube top. Not only is it checked but it has got awesome buttons to go with it too! Rawr! Definitely gives some kick ass feel into it already, no? Especially with the cincher there as well! Hurry to get yours now!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata's

More checks! In the form of a simple shirt. Btw, if you think this is like any other shirt, then you sure gotta check out the back on this one alright *winks* Definitely not your usual top no more!

SPOTTED: Quadruple Queen

Looking familiar? Well, they had one in white remember, which is now sold out! And they managed to bring more in for this shade, so hey, don't miss out on it again alright? *winks*

SPOTTED: My Closet Giggles

Go oriental style with this sexy halter neck top here. Mmm.. loving the satin feel already, plus the designs? Oh-so-yummy! Wish they had more colours though, imagine one in sexy black! Wow~

SPOTTED: Almariku Boutique *Newbie*

And another newbie? That's right, they will and just keep popping up every single day! This one here totally reminds me of the sun's rays, no? The design is somewhat like that. tee-hee. And yes, check out the back for this one too!


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