Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ooo.. a cowl neck plaid top. Yummy-licious, can? Definitely loving the cowl neck bit, we really don't get enough of 'em you know. So hey, don't miss out on this one, you never know when you'll see the next!

SPOTTED: Jen's Closet

More plaids *grins* only that this one is a dress with a Peter Pan collar too, how fab is that?? uber cute rows of buttons as well there. hmm.. imagine going to the office in this huh? *giggles*

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Another top for the workplace. Another pussybow top that is *giggles* Don't we just love it? Plus the puffy sleeves there are really the thing that makes the blouse more adorable!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery

Welcome autumn with this dress. Ahh.. we're seeing more purple shade aren't we? It doesn't go too well with me though, but hey, I know it's like one of the top fav colours for y'all ladies, can? *winks* Maybe this is the right one for you!

SPOTTED: Sugar Dressing

And now for some flowers on your shoes! Ooo.. that's like so pretty! Peep toe heels with flowers all over 'em? Mmm.. definitely the thing to be wearing with some basic dresses we got, no? Or hey.. match it with those denim jeans! Sexy!

SPOTTED: Shoessaholic!

We're going back old school style definitely, we're seeing more and more Mary Janes! They even got a cute little retro button there can? Ooo.. I want a pair too! Don't you??


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