Sunday, September 7, 2008

OMG, more pixie shoes! I know that's not the right term for it but yea, they're uber cute pixie shoes. And of you want a pair you better hurry, they aren't gonna wait for you alright!

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyana

And they also brought in more shoes. This time with weaved flats. Mm.. yummy-licious can? *giggles* Love white shoes! One of these days, I'm so gonna make a white post, just like so inspired by Gossip Girls!

SPOTTED: Candy Treats

They are back! And back with heaps as well too! Woot! This one here, is so uber sexy. Off shoulder and puffy sleeve as well? And it is so uber sexy can. Didn't I like say that already? Tee-hee. Because it is!

SPOTTED: Milky Cottage

She deserves to be the cutest and most creative model ever can? Especially the way she poses! And yes, another two toned dress for your liking. We know how crazy you go over 'em, so here's more for you!

SPOTTED: Petite Treasures

Back with more cardis! I know you love 'em and I'd say they look pretty good, no? Pink hearts on green background, sure does something different, a good difference that is!

SPOTTED: Wearsandwhatnots

There you have it, another classic LBD! Every girl needs one, so there you have it! Plus, this one here is simple so you don't need an occasion to be dancing in it can?

SPOTTED: Hello Fashionistas

Alrighty, ending the post with a cincher. The very basic and nothing too fanciful so that it's versatile in every way! Wouldn't you wanna have something like that already?

Your sister in shopping

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