Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A balloon dress with pleats. Yummy-licious! Seldom we see this two jive, no? But hey, there's a first for everything, can? tee-hee. So here goes, another yummy dress to add on to your collection!

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Yes, another vintage round. Peeps, you should like so bookmark this page if you're into vintage, because they go real fast! Like most of 'em are either sold or reserved already! Goodness! This one, last checked, is still available. Making it yours? *winks*

SPOTTED: Fabulousity Boulevard

Go crazy with prints on this one here. All swirly wirly and in a mod style as well! Awesome! Ooo.. you have to check out the back too. they got the little keyhole feature there! *giggles* Awesome!

SPOTTED: Crazy Sunday Closet

Omg, so sweet can? this dress here with puffy sleeves and the low V-neckline, looks almost like a kimono dress already! *grins* Or a babydoll? Oh goodness, I so gotta learn my terms for the clothes!

SPOTTED: My Closet Giggles

The fedora is up! And I thought they were only gonna bring in one kind, but no.. they have a few for you to choose from! How fab is that, can? Hurry to get yours now, mm... I so wanna get my hands on one too!

SPOTTED: Miss OCD in Shopping

Not your usual LBD eh? But hey, sometimes a little fun is all we need, no? And did you notice the frills at the bottom too? *giggles* Totally love it. It's so sweet in a way you thought only pink dresses could pull it off, guess not!


Your sister in shopping

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