Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking sexy in this already! There she goes again, bringing you another yummy-licious dress with the tulle layers! Mm.. lovely can? especially since it's a black and white piece as well *grins*

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

Look! Another high waisted skirt! And this one goes back old school style with the checks and even a cute ruched ribbon at the front, can? *grins* How uber cool is that? Hurry to get yours already! Btw, that top? Totally for sale as well!

SPOTTED: Hello Fashionistas

Go vintage! With these shoes! I think like tan is the new classic colour when it comes to shoes and bags this time round, there are just so many of goodies in the shade of tan! They have other kinda designs for shoes as well, this is only one of 'em! Check it out!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

The BF dressing is still here to stay babes, and in stripes too! didn't you know vertical stripes make a person look slimmer and taller? This is exactly the piece that will carry that image, can? *tee-hee. Get yours now!

SPOTTED: Classy Twinkle *Newbie*

Another new one for accessories! Ever wanted those pearly white necklaces? Well, guess what, they have got it here just for you! And they look awesome, no? Bet 'cha it would go well with that dinner dress or hey, go vintage?

SPOTTED: Sugadollies

Well, what do ya know? Thye even brought in bags! And yes more quilted goodies that are so designer inspired, can? and versatile with the whole clutch cum shoulder tote cum slingbag! Fret not, even though it says sold out, its restockable, yay!

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

Loving 'em hoodies but want something casual? Well, here's just the thing. in big bold stripes, this piece here is a short sleeved hoodie. Definitely the thing when it comes to casual days out, no? *winks*


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