Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ruffled collars/necklines are the next hit of the town. And not all of 'em look like it's a flower blossoming on your neckline, this one here looks really sweet. And I know I'm biased with white things, but hey, this dress looks like you can be 16 all over again!

SPOTTED: Dolce *Newbie*

Sister site of the eye-catchers, this one here is just gonna cater for clothes! And they have cardis too! Alright! ¾ sleeved, not too long or too short, just nice. And.. they even have got pockets and buttons for you to fold up the sleeves. Ahh.. fab!

Talk about a garden on dresses, this one here is on a necklace. With butterflies on the background and flowers all over, this one here sure makes a statement, no? *winks*

Ooo.. green is the new pink! Like didn't you hear about it already? So go green, wear green! This one here's another one of 'em rings where the beads sway along with your movement. Talk about funky, this is sure the one!

Living up to their e-shop name, they bring in goodies that are star-themed! *giggles* How cute is that, can? So have a go with stars with this sweet dress here, all dotted with stars. Go shine now babe!

SPOTTED: Candy Colour

Here's another one with stars on a kimono inspired dress. Ooo.. I love the baby pink on this one, it's just the sweetest colour ever! And stars on a kimono inspired dress sure is something new, no?

SPOTTED: Sassy Chic

More cardis! More long ribbed cardis! Available in an assortment of colours too, so if you're looking for something other than the usual black, white or blue, have a look-see here!


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