Sunday, September 7, 2008

SPOTTED: Clothesville

Are you Supergirl? Tee-hee. Did I tell you like besides Little Miss tees, I adore Supergirl tees? I just have a thing for tees in general can? And this isn't your average Supergirl tee too. Looks fab don't you think? Definitely more affordable compared to the ones retailing in the malls!

SPOTTED: 'lil jewelry lover

The other day we saw a ballerina charm, today we see something similar but now it's a bag! A black bag too, it's amazing isn't it how a simple charm can do all sorts of wonders depending what you pair it up with


See I told you the tri colour thing is the new thing. Dual toned goodies are still in of course, but hey, add on another colour to it, flaunt a little bit of that sexy factor and voila! New trend coming your way!

SPOTTED: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Looking for a long pair of overalls? Well, look who else has 'em. I know it isn't the common thing to wear and all but hey, if you can pull it off, why not? Come on, be daring in your style babes. You might just be the next trendsetter, can?

SPOTTED: Amber Closet

More Abercrombie goodies! This time, a long sleeved top with hoodie too. Hey I should like so get one of those, it'll be perfect can for my classes cuz it's freezing in the lecture halls!

That LV inspired quilted bag is back! in white, OMG, OMG, it's white! And for only RM 32, it'll be yours! Don't wait up now, hurry to place your orders before it's too late!

Another trapeze top with embellishments. We sure haven't seen these in a long time alright. I remember how they were the craze back then, but hey, maybe they still are! It's just that a little embellishment makes something simple look way.. gorgeous!

SPOTTED: The Closette

Another garden on my dress. Tee-hee. Made of satin, this one here is sure to spell out class, no? And hey, it can even be your new LBD, only with floral prints. No one said you can't right? *grins*

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

BF shirt? BF dress? Oh my, that sounds so oxymoron, can? tee-hee. But seriously, I have no idea what to call this piece here, part shirt part dress. Anyhow, who cares what the term is, just as long as it looks fab!

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

Like if you didn't know already, they brought in more Victoria Secret goodies for you!! They even come with a patent bag, can? I loike it! Especially this one here where it says it's : "An enticing blend of casaba melon, plum and freesia" Ooo.. yummy yummy!


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