Monday, September 22, 2008

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

When you thought the previous weeks' updates were fab. Wait till you see this week's! There are so many options to choose from you'll go wild scrolling down for more alright! My personal fave, this one here! Yes, there is nothing more fab than a satin mini dress in black with white motifs! Sexy!

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

Look who else brought in shoes as well. Yes, not your usual peep toes or glads or pixie shoes for the matter but they're pointy toe heels. Pardon my jargon, need to pick up on that bit, but hey, a pair of these? Totally adds on to your class factor! Ding, ding, ding!!!

SPOTTED: Norah's Closet

Got this major dinner event coming up, found your LBD, the perfect heels to go with, that sexy clutch but no jewellery that matches the look? Well, fret no more as she brings in even more excellent designs for jewelleries that are meant for such occasions!

SPOTTED: Dazzle *Newbie*

Chiffon and ruffles and polka dots too? Wow.. that sure is something and does give off the taste of vintage as well, no? *giggles* This is just one of the many babes. There are so many other yummy goodies waiting for you to check out!

SPOTTED: Bungabytka

More tie-dye goodies babes? Well' you're definitely looking at some here alright. All the colour selections displayed for you right here. And you know what, that is a fab way, no? Getting all your girlfriends to wear the same outfits in different colours. Hit the beach already babes!


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