Monday, September 22, 2008

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

It's Monday again.. boo.. but nope. Different for us online shoppers can? Another brand new day equals more updates on yummy clothes! Like this one here, a hoodie with floral motifs all over it. Subtle, light and sweet, making it versatile to match with anything, no?

SPOTTED: Marshmallow

I know this is like so last week, but hey, there is still stocks would you believe it?! Yes, that's right more of those high waisted skirts cum pinafores for you! And the best part is the straps are adjustable as well! Woot!

SPOTTED: Luscious Lips

Would you believe it, more bags? Be it a shoulder bag, a tote or even a sling bag this one here is versatile for you whether you have to rush off to uni or even to work! Something like this is just what every girl needs, no?

SPOTTED: Eve's Closet

There is nothing like a pair of denim shorts on a hot summer's day, not like we get summer, but you know what I mean. Wear this to the beach with that stunning sexy bikini, or at home for a lazy afternoon or even out!

SPOTTED: The Closette

How often do we come across an item in peach can? Definitely not everyday! Especially when it's a long sleev off shoulder top like this, warm hues and a warm fitting top! Perfect fit no?


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