Sunday, September 21, 2008


Realised there has been loads of dresses like these, no? Even the belt is included. How fab! Whether they come in hearts, dots, flowers or even circles like this one here, they sure look gorgeous alright! *winks*

SPOTTED: Milky Cottage

How about a simple stripey mini dress? Or well a long top for those who aren't vertically challenged. Wear it with a cincher to give that slim waist effect or have you got other ways to wear this in mind already? *grins*

SPOTTED: Little Buttonx

Check out this halter dress already! Notice the bubble effect of the hemline? Guess what? You can totally undo it as well! Of course there is a hidden technique to it. You'll find out when you purchase it *winks*

SPOTTED: Pastime *Newbie*

Now, now, I know y'all love these kinda stuff, so do I actually. So here's for you! My bad, for not noticing it earlier but hey there is one last piece left. So first come, first served! Don't say I didn't warn ya on that one

SPOTTED: Debutante Avenue *Newbie*

Check out this tube dress. Ain't your usual LBD, but hey, who says it ALWAYS have to be black, right? *winks* Notice the hemline? Take a closer look at the empire waist area then. You'll see cute little petal-like features on 'em! Awesome, no?


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