Sunday, September 21, 2008

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Hey.. we hardly get to skirts don't we? I'm talking about skirts other than high waisted and mini ones. Something like this one here. Notice the lacey patterns and how they're carefully placed? And you know what else? They have this belt that looks fab with it as well! Go check it out!


Ahh.. it's been a while since we saw updates from 'em, no? Let's see what they have here. Something versatile eh? Wear it like this as a fashion statement, or even with the sleeves out as a cardi? Or .. of course there are other ways to wear it. go have a look-see already!

SPOTTED: Creme Brulee

And yes, more belts! This one here features a crescent shaped buckle paired with leather, now that's something isn't it? those babes who are so crazy over leather belts, check this out! Not your usual cincher eh? *winks*

SPOTTED: Dwotties

And yes, they have created more designs this time. Making a debut of their first ever 3D design! Woot! An armchair! How cute is that? *giggles* this may be the first, but I bet it isn't the last. Surely there is plenty more to come. Have got that idea forming in mind already? *winks*

SPOTTED: Melody Updated Fashion *Newbie*

Look at that pair of shorts! Isn't it cute? With the light pink denim material AND of course the highlight is the strawberries at the pocket. Tee-hee. Small, but nevertheless it has made it's impact when it comes to being cute, no?


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the skirt is so comel!!! ^^

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