Thursday, September 18, 2008

SPOTTED: Piercedart

Like they can't get any cuter, they have a cute scissors hanging off a belly button ring? *giggles* SO uber cute, cannot-stand-it-buy-it! Tee-hee. I mean like, who would have thought they could get this cute, no?

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Talking about cute stuff, see their clay flowers! They're earrings mind you. The delicate details? Wow, sure is hard work to make it like so, no? *grins* so what are you waiting for? Get some!

SPOTTED: Amber Closet

Chiffon lovers! Here's something for you. In sunshine yellow as well! *giggles* Now how's that for a dress? A happy dress! See, you can even name it *grins* of course, if yellow ain't your thing, you can have other colours too!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dreams

They have got some awesome charms for you that really speaks of a girl's heart. Shopping, chocolate and cookies? Like my favourites, check, check and check! Tee-hee. Are they the same for you too?

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyanna

More high waisted skirts? For those who want some and not pencil skirts, well, this one here is calling your name, buy me! buy me! *giggles* Oh, of course the top is for sale as well!


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