Thursday, September 18, 2008

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

More vintage goodies to be auctioned and most are gone already? Well like this one here, still available, last I checked of course. Velvet and pleats in this shade is sure something sexy and classy, no? Wouldn't you want something like this too? *grins*

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

More pixie shoes! This one here has a somewhat sporty look to it too, no? *grins* That's right. These shoes are the new glads apparently. They're everywhere now and the designs are just at the beginning of evolution!

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

That toga dress. Ahh.. I swear Blair from Gossip Girl was wearing something like that in the recent episode of Gossip Girl, no? Now we can like so dress like her already!

SPOTTED: A Touch of Simplicity

More pario for you to play around with. Make that tube dress, that sexy halter dress or hey, that wraparound skirt! Do not limit your creative self, this is after all, like a girl's kinda toy *winks*

SPOTTED: Untitled Affair

Checks, checks and more checks! They don't only look good on shirts, they look good on dresses as well! That's right, no kidding. And you see the little design at the corner? That is sure something extra for us to look forward to, can?

SPOTTED: Soulchic

OMG, another Prada inspired dress?? I *heart* it can. especially the pixie/fairy there *giggles* I mean like, it isn't everyday you get something like this, no? So hey, don't wait up. The last time I saw something like this, it sold out before you can say gimme!

SPOTTED: Bling2bling

How's that for a musical note dangling from your earlobes eh babe? Tee-hee. This one is sure something cute and meaningful to those who are musically talented, no?

PS. Late reviews tmr due to class. boo..


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