Monday, September 15, 2008

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

There is nothing like a Monday without catching a glimpse of what Pumpkin has to offer, no? Whether it be a pinafore of even a high waisted skirt with a bow (just tuck in the straps babes), this one here is so cute you can't resist it. especially in red *winks* Get it while it's still available!

SPOTTED: Little Winged One

A cropped cardi. With a hoodie! Yay! They're like so into the whole cardi plus hoodie nowadays, no? Fits the best of both worlds too *grins* Which is fab, cuz I love hoodies! Don't you? Something light to carry around as well, no need to dig for that extra huge bag just to fit in your cardi!

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

Ohh.. we had 'em stripes on 'em cardis and now we have it on a dress too? Wow. This is fab, especially big bold stripes too, on a mini dress *giggles* what an awesome combo that is, no?

SPOTTED: Sassy Chic

There you have it, another high waisted skirt cum pinafore in that classic shade of grey with very fine white lines. Oh-so-corporate look without the straps and add on the straps when you're out to have some fun! Woot!

SPOTTED: Fashion Over Bros *Newbie*

Isn't this like the name of the shop from OTH? Anyways, they start off with none other than that pinstriped vest. Ahh.. this year, we really see heaps of these everywhere! Be it in classic black or even in funky colours, the vests rampage is still on! Getting yours? *winks*


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