Monday, September 15, 2008

Readers’ Stories Chapter II

I thought of adding on the previous post but realised there were way too many comments there, so I'll just start a new post =)

This time, the stories are vastly different. Let's check 'em out!

Scenario #1

Customer A bought items from e-shop B. Customer A was very excited and made a purchase for a few items however was disappointed upon receiving them because there were differences in colours showed by the e-shop and the item received. This isn't the usual few shades darker/lighter but a real obvious difference. The other items were unsatisfactory as well, tailoring was bad and such. Customer A is now a disappointed shopper


Now we all know different monitor resolutions display colours differently and also lighting and cameras can have a bad effect on colour. I suppose all e-shop owners can try their best to take pictures with natural lighting and no flash as well as to mention which photo displays the true colour or well closest to avoid misunderstandings. And also to check for faulty items before delivering goodies!

Scenario #2

E-shop owner X has been a very hardworking person, managing the e-shop and bringing in updates consistently. However, all e-shops somehow, sometime do experience back out buyers and different e-shop owners have different ways of managing this issue. Due to this, many have begin flaming her chatbox with nasty comments, and I assure you this isn't the first case this has happened.


Although I'm reviewing tons of e-shops, I've only started e-shopping early this year. And in this few months, I've seen many, many occurrences of this incident to many different e-shops. I understand that there will be disappointments and misunderstanding here and there via online transactions but hey babes, there is no need to spam nasty comments, no? And start a mini war in the chatbox when it is meant for enquiries! This really makes things difficult for all parties. To all e-shop owners who face this issue, do not be disheartened, I'm sure you have many loyal supporters and they will be able to tell your personality and services. As for flamers, I do hope there will be less and not more of these issues?

What say you? Leave comments and your stories!


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