Monday, September 15, 2008

SPOTTED: Threadmark *Newbie*

You know there are only more to come with more choices, can? Fancy a halter? With a twist to it that is. Not something you'll come across often with something like this *grins* Especially in yellow as well!

SPOTTED: Ellebee *Newbie*

Oh, look! Another clutch? Or a sling bag? They are all versatile bags now aren't they? Seldom are they used for one purpose only *grins* That's what makes them so fab, no? Tee-hee. Absolutely!

SPOTTED: One Babe Shop

Another satin dress with a garden at the hem *grins* There just seems to be more and more of these, no? And what more satin and is that lace as well? Ooo.. sweet *giggles* Me likey

SPOTTED: Becharm

If you think flowers are too much on your dress, then try something simple like this on your bag! You can never go wrong with simplicity, no? *giggles* and come on, everyone needs a bag!

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

There they have it again with their new collection! Another BF shirt, a denim BF shirt mind you. And it is still available? Are you sure? Because I know the goodies here goes poof! Just like that!

SPOTTED: Baby be Dazzled

And to end it, we have the basic statement tees. Ahh.. doesn't this like speak of so many of us already? *winks* get a tee, get a tee that speaks of your personality, or fetish? *grins*


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