Monday, September 8, 2008

SPOTTED: Triple Heart

Triple Heart with even more hearts! This time restocked so you babes can get your hands on some, don't miss out again now, it's not always we get this lucky to have a go at restocks, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Candy Colour

Back to basics with just spags. I mean like come on, everyone has got to have 'em no? *grins* And what more when they're retailing at only RM 20 each! What a steal! Hurry and get yours now before they disappear!

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

If you're like me and go absolutely insane over perfume, then hey check 'em out! They're selling it for lower than market price! That's fab. Drop in your mails and enquire already!!

SPOTTED: L.D.R. Collection

Have you got some fancy jewellery stashed somewhere? Why not display it in a proper place like this one? Cute looking sofa on the outside, flip it open and voila! A place for your keepsakes! Awesome, no? *grins* Plus, it so totally reminds me of Polly Pocket, can?


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