Monday, September 8, 2008

SPOTTED: I've got OCD *Newbie*

This sounds strangely familiar, almost like a fellow course mate from my degree program *grins* Anyways, they have brought in some pretty funky items! Like this pantsuit here? Not playful, nuh-uh, but real kick ass like! Woot!

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Another intertwine dress? They are oh-so-famous with these, no? The brought in the tops, the mini dress and how this too! All the basic colours just for you, so have a field day choosing already!

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

They are back with more vintage goodies! And who says checks will be outdated? No way! Especially when you tie it like this? Ooo.. sexy can? *winks*

SPOTTED: Dainty Dreams

Haven't heard from them in a while but hey, they got some awesome stuff! Glass pendant necklaces! So pretty, no? Especially this sakura one here. Even comes with a ribbon necklace too. how fab is that? *winks*


Your sister in shopping

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