Thursday, September 4, 2008

Then got colour, colour wan

Ahahaha. Ok, ok, this is what you get when the blogger is blogging with a headache and lack of sleep plus a lot of unfinished work. Shall not resort to all these kinda titles no more. Last one, pinky promise!

SPOTTED: knit.neat

Hot pink Barbie high waisted shorts! Ooo.. me likey, me likey. Check out the buttons on this one babes, they're everywhere, and they look fab the way they're lined up like that too. Available in white for those who absolutely do not fancy pink!


A jumpsuit! A really playful one, almost reminds me of a pinafore can? tee-hee. Simple and playful, just perfect for the days when you really just wanna have some fun! *winks* release your inner child!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Another maxi dress, this time tiered with so many colours you wonder hey, I never knew they could match those colours like that. Well you do now. And this is just one of the many combos they have. So go check 'em out!


Not only are the colours on clothes, they even have them on bags as well! All stripey like a lollipop too! *giggles* Come on, we all need some colour in our wardrobe AND on our bags, no? Pick one here then!

SPOTTED: little m.i.s.s. dollies

Speaking of bags, here's another place where you can have 'em! Like hey, suddenly so many bag e-shop already? Goodie for us, now that we're spoilt for choice, we need not worry about where on earth am I gonna find that bag?!?!?!

Toodles now. Btw have you watched the new season of Gossip Girl??? I just downloaded it! Can't wait! Love the clothes there! And the drama too of course *winks*

Btw, have got full day tmr. So updates will resume late evening yea? Sowee..


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