Friday, September 26, 2008

Updates are somewhat slow today, no? Must be the whole rush to balik kampong and what not *grins*

SPOTTED: Eve's Closet

Remember this?

Guess what? This must be your lucky day because they are so restocking this item! it's gorgeous isn't it? don't be disheartened if you missed out the first time alright. Now you can get yours! So hurry and place your order already!

SPOTTED: Hugs and Jellyfishes

Look at that bag! Check out the size of it babes! And it is weaved as well. Imagine all the goodies we can bring with us with this one. Oh, I know! This would make the perfect hand luggage when you're travelling can? *winks*

SPOTTED: Taste Cherry Chapstick

And even more clutches. They may not be the original LV with this one here but definitely something classy to carry around, no? *winks* and you like so gotta check out the compartments of this item can?!

SPOTTED: Deluxcious Doll

Now is that a sexy kimono inspired top or what? *winks* very sheer this one is and that's what it sexy! *winks* Pair it up with a tube top or a spag inside if you worry about it being too showy-offy!


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