Thursday, October 9, 2008

Accessories aplenty!

SPOTTED: SheriShopie

Accessories galore! And what's this? looks like a whole bunch of beads necklaces, no? Well, this one here is actually one necklace, or rather a lot of 'em joined as one! No need for you to layer 'em now as it already has been done for you!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

They had the pink bag on a necklace just the other day and now they have some on earrings too! *giggles* So cute isn't it? now you can wear it as a set and it surely would attract attention. After all, it is pink!

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

We got necklaces, earrings and now time for some bracelets! Woot! Not the usual charmbracelets, well it does have charms just you know. Something different, eh? Especially when you wanna show off some bling, this one is perfect!


Your sister in shopping

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