Thursday, October 9, 2008


See that Victorian top? Isn't it lovely? Along with the ruffles and the puffy sleeves *giggles* Uber cute and don't forget the bow! And not only so, it looks fab with that vest as well! Oh yes, the vest? They have it in stocks too!

SPOTTED: Bling2Bling

Flutterby with a pait of butterflies! Aww.. isn't that sweet? Especially when it's paired with awesome freshwater pearls there too *grins* Pretty! Wouldn't you like to own it already, especially you butterfly lovers out there? tee-hee

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

And they have brought in more after a mini hiatus! With some yummy-licious braided goodies. Ooo.. they sure look good, no? Especially in this shade, the braids stand out and are the attraction by itself!

SPOTTED: Ruby Dutchess

More floral prints with a touch of oriental into it huh? Wow.. who would have thought of that?! and it sure looks awesome especially with the contrast on a black background like so, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Cute and colourful glassworks that are imported to create gorgeous handbag charms for you! But wait, these here can also be worn as charmbracelets as well! Wow! Now it's dual functioned, eh? Awesome!


Even more ruffles goodies! Making a simple basic top into a classy piece just by some ruffles. And they really have a way of making you look more matured and smart, no? *winks*


V-necks? We got plenty! Round collars? Too basic. Halters? Well, we have our fair share. So why not try on some mandarin collars for your dress? And also not to forget it comes with pleats and a belt. Now that is something different can? a dress that looks good for work and play!


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