Sunday, October 5, 2008

E-shop of the Week: CFF

Now I'm sure all of you have heard of CFF, no? With their trademark maroon themed layout which is hard to miss and their basic coloured basic goodies that are always, always a sold out! I remember when I first found out about them, I haunted the site, literally, so I can get my hands on a piece! *grins* let's see what they have for us now, alright?

Bags and more bags! Trendy with the quilted designed that's so Chanel inspired and the size? Needless to say, a perfect fit for us! Whether you want it simple like the one on the left or something more versatile where you can change the look of the bag with the one on the right, she has got 'em for you! Oh, no worries if it's sold because they are restockable!

Next off, their mini dresses are really hard to miss, can? be it smocked and embroidered or with a tulip hemline and little ruched at the bust, choices are a galore and the colours are as good as a painter's palette for you to choose from!

Mini dresses aren't their only specialty, the tube tops are another! Other than the usual ones we've seen around they bring it to you where it's knitted or even corset –like! Fancy that, huh? Definitely not your average kinda tube top alright *winks*

And of course, aside from that they too have tees, promoting world peace (how awesome!), shirt dresses that totally reminds you of the Matrix already and even a sexy number like the halter in pink perfect for a girl's night out to party! Paint the town red with this one baby! Tee-hee

Seen it? Like it? Want more? then you better make your way there before they all run out of stocks!


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