Sunday, October 5, 2008

They have yet another cardi, huh? A warm soft subtle shade with stripes. Mmm.. not only do cardis make you feel good and keep you warm, now they're available in colours that send out the message before you even wear 'em! *giggles*

SPOTTED: A Touch of Simplicity

Now and then we get pretty little things like these that complete our shopping spree, can? this box here beautifully decorated would be perfect to store accessories, no? Or keepsakes or anything for the matter! It's just so pretty!

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

More BF dressing available! Simply checked this one is and the sleeves are awesome that you can roll it up like so, no? Mm.. pair it up with shorts for some casual look or even with some high waisted skirt for a jive between both worlds!

SPOTTED: Dwotties

She sure is expanding the range of her creations alright. From yummy looking goodies to electronic stuff such as DSLR cameras and phones? Wow! I know there are many photography fans out there who adores shopping as well, so hey, these here are so calling your name already!

SPOTTED: Hearts Fashion

And even more stripes galore! Very colourfully striped like a lollipop, no? *giggles* That totally makes a great weekend outfit, happy, colourful and casual. Just the theme we want for the weekend after that long hard week of work!

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewelry Box

Although we don't really celebrate Halloween, which I think is a pretty cool day to celebrate, she has made rings in that theme! Aren't they gorgeous? Looks like there is a collection of these kinda rings in every colour now, no? *giggles*

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

More checks! This time on a dress. She sure has plenty of dresses in her collection, no? *winks* And they really sell out super fast as well! Really need to catch 'em quick before you miss out! So head over there already!

SPOTTED: Vintage Finds

Blair Waldrof fans, guess what? Queen B's signature headband can be found here! Now, now, no worries that it's reserved, they are so restocking the items! So what are you waiting for? Get one, or both already! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

OMG, this is like the biggest cardi collection ever, can? 30 designs in total! Woot! and this one here is one of the rare ones that are not sold out yet, last I checked of course. OMG, get some already, save moolah with more purchases too!

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

Lovn' some tie-dye goodies already? *grins* This one here is so runway inspired, can? You so wanna get your hands on one because they don't appear here all the time. Looking good for that event that's coming up and you don't wanna wear your LBD again, no?


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