Friday, October 17, 2008

Readers’ Stories - Chapter IV

More stories about more transaction misunderstandings and the likes

Scenario #1

This one has to do with shoes and no it isn't about pig skin lining. It's to do with sizes. Now we all now, with peep toes and pumps, you need to buy one size larger and not the size you usually wear. The case was the customer asked for a bigger size but the e-shop owner assured her that the size she normally wears would fit. However, when the shoes were received, it could not. The customer asked for a refund or exchange but the e-shop owner refused to do so.


I personally had my share of experience buying shoes online and I was most pleased with the service as the e-shop owner not only offered me measurements but also brought me two different sizes for me to try, just in case. I understand this is only possible if COD is convenient but in this case, the customer was very sure of what size she should buy. I guess communication is important in meeting the customer's needs after all, they should know their sizes best

Scenario #2

Another case similar to the above, the owner did not agree for an exchange but was ok with looking for another buyer as this item was a hot selling pair of shoes. Had a little disagreement there but all went well. The customer was happy nonetheless and looked forward to future dealings with the e-shop. However, when she logged on once more she discovered that the e-shop owner wanted to blacklist her and to include the customer's contact and details as well. The customer was most upset over this matter


I guess the sizes bit, sometimes we can go wrong. And yes, the no exchange/refund policies are practiced by most e-shops. However, not all e-shops have this stated and this might confuse the customers hence the argument about whether exchanges/refunds should be done. On another note, blacklisting is one issue. To display contact details and pictures however is not allowed. All personal details are to be kept in privacy between the dealer and the customer. Although this did not happened, this should be made aware to e-shop owners even though it is just a small scaled business

Scenario #3

A customer paid the rate for POSLAJU to have her goods delivered to her. The e-shop owner promised to deliver it after Raya as the post office was closed during that festive season. However, when the post office had reopened the customer had not received her package. She contacted the e-shop owner but did not receive any replies. One week later, the customer received the package via normal mail instead of PSOLAJU as she paid for


I'm not sure why the e-shop owner did so. We do know, should know, that the differences in the postage rates and their security levels. The customer has an option to choose which method she prefers and pays the respective amount. However, it isn't right for the e-shop owner to collect the agreed payment but delivers through another service

What say you?


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

my comment has to do with the shoe sizes, i was assured that the size would fit (i'm a 39, the biggest d), and follow (as commonly used for comparison) vincci sizes...however when i got my pair of shoes, pumps to be exact, i found that this was not the case, as the shoes were quite tight, and although i managed to squeeze my feet in, it's not as comfortoble as hoped. if i knew this was the case, i would not have bought them and gladly paid more for a pair of Aldos instead.

Anonymous said...

some shop owners really push you in buying their stuff instead of giving reasonable time for the buyer to think. When a buyer inquires, the seller, at the bottom of the email says "so it's confirmed!" Confirmation to buy and inquiries are different. One time i bought a shirt from a quite famous online boutique. Very very bad workmanship. They said they can exchange a new one. But it's not the same anymore now isnt it. You paid because you expected the goods to be in very good condition (as how most sellers say so in their blogs). but they dont really check the conditions. and get all mad when we want refund. it's different if the shirt was good but i didnt like it and i wanted refund. Shop owners should really take note of this. Just because we buy online doesnt mean you can cheat our money.

faye said...

anonymous, did you contact the owner of the site regarding exchange/refund? i dont know how other sites do it but i bought a pair of pumps from clothes bucket recently and they allowed me to exchange the size when it was too small :D the problem with pumps is that it sometimes doesnt fit well due to the width of our feet too, and i unfortunately have fat feet :(

Anonymous said...

i don't understand how clothes bucket's name always mentioned in all the posts regarding customer's not like im jealous or anything i just think that the ppl at clothesbucket deliberately wrote all themselves..i saw a comment that praises clothes bucket like hell..."i've also had my fair share of wonderful eshopping experiences and i believe a large part of that should be credited to shopblog clothesbucket. every piece of clothing received has always been NEATLY IRONED, buttons REINFORCED, folded and REPACKAGED."
how on earth does the customer know that the buttons reinforced? and repackaged?...hmmmmmmmm.;) haiya

Anonymous said...

We all know, clothesbucket has very good service to the customers. She will try her best to help the customer to sell of the stuff. But some blog oweners don't give a damn. To them, after sold they can't be bothered if the customer can't fit into it. Even if the customers send them a thank you email, they can't be bothered to reply it also. blogs like stopshopsplurge, clothesbucket.. they are one of the best I've ever met. Oh and also rainbowmallows. They are all friendly people. Most blog owners are. Except for some only :)

Anonymous said...

faye, i'm nt sure if your comment is refering to the 1st post, but if it is, nope, refund was not allowed, and my feet are narrow so the width was ok, just the length >.<

clothesbucket said...

dear anonymous #4,
hello! we just stumbled across your comment through googling ourselves (yes we do that to check what people have to say about us!) so it's pretty impossible we're out and about praising ourselves if we haven't even seen these bunch of comments!
i reckon the fact that we repackage our clothes are pretty obvious though, as the plastic that packs the clothes when received from the suppliers are often crumpled and torn. as for the buttons, well..we're OCD like that! we've had quite a number of people asking us if we do resew the buttons though, i suppose that's how the word got out :)

a huge thanks to everyone who's left such generous comments about us, it always makes our day to read them! =)

LadiesInTheHouse said...

Hurm..clothesbucket really go to all the trouble to make sure their customer come first huh??
No wonder their items sold out very fast!!
Now we know the way..
We should do the same thing then...

Anonymous said...

i just want to give creadit to plusfabulous... superb customer service super nice owners :)
and yes they do keep their word and refund for deflected items,
2 thumbs up!