Friday, October 17, 2008

SPOTTED:Glitter Dressing

Well, this is definitely a first to be seeing checked shorts, no? And they aren't those mini hug-butt shorts too but a little bubblish ain't it? And that's the best part, making it uber cute!

SPOTTED:Phat Culture

Everyone's going vintage nowadays and what more have a vintage bag to match it with, can? *grins* This is like a real nice shade of tan that is definitely versatile to go with your outfit, vintage or not!

SPOTTED:Mia and Mika

Speaking of bags, check out this awesome River Island bag as well! The colours, don't you just love how the shades go from light to dark (or is it the other way?!) Anyhow, one piece only, first come first serve!

SPOTTED:Bimbs Wardrobe

More scarves, and this one doesn't come plain, it comes with skulls. Ooo.. rocker chick eh? Or not. Well, doesn't matter as long as it looks cool, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED:Forever Boutique

Sweet babydoll dresses, we missed you! And we definitely need more of these because they make you feel all girly girl again, can? *giggles* A tad bit short though, you can always pair this one with leggings!


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