Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh my, massive updates indeed! Hoodies and cardis galore this time alright! Not only did she bring you the usual ones with prints, but she also brought in some cropped ones like these! Fab! Oh, oh, and she even brought in genuine authentic Adidas hoodies as well! Check it out now!

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty

We've seen a fair bit of animal prints around haven't we? And this one here is nothing short of wild thing! Imagine carrying a zebra print tote! Woot! How fab is that can? And I'm pretty sure no animals were hurt in the process too!

SPOTTED: Evacaely

More keys and hearts charms are available for you lot! Means a lot to us, no? *grins* If you missed out on the past designs elsewhere, then take your opportunity to place an order for this one already! Not to miss out another time alright!

SPOTTED: Diva Madness

More cardis! And yes, they are cropped cardis. Something simple like this to slip on while you're in class or in the movies is just perfect! Easy to carry around in your tote as well, save space, fits the purpose, this one here is a must have!

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

Vintage goodies anyone? Now with all the vintage rage around, you sure need a vintage bag to go along with all those goodies, no? *winks* And these here are just the thing! Mini, cute and vintage of course to complete your vintage look!


A taste of vintage on a blouse as well? Aww.. that's sweet. With the ruffles and checks on this one here, this sure is the way to go! Not too boring, not too plain, not too ordinary, just nice, no? *winks*


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