Friday, October 3, 2008

SPOTTED: Think Sexi

Hey more ribbed cardis! And they are in the warm shade of grey as well. Ahh.. we love it, don't we? Every girl needs one of these, no? Getting yours today? *winks*

SPOTTED: Kissssss and Tell

OMG, look at those pumps! In this shade?! *squeals!* they totally remind me of Aldo's design, no? And the shade is one thing, the height? *giggles* Got to have it! Got to own it! Gimme! Gimme!

SPOTTED: Michatoo *Newbie*

Ooo.. looks at this two-toned dress. Sure is something different from the usual top bottom two-toned, no? *winks* loving the whole little ruched at the bust feature there already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Divas Fashionista

Those wooden accessories sure are flooding the blogshops now, no? And they come in all sorts of designs. Now presenting to you, the pink cello! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Hey there sailor girl! Yes, that's right. This one here sure reminds us of a sailor babe, no? Imagine that, sailor babe. It's so sexy don't cha think so? *winks*

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

She's back! and she brought back retro with her alright with this dress here. Look at those circles go! Woot! and there is even a sweet sash tie back as well *giggles*

SPOTTED: Banana Biscuits *Newbie*

They sure do carry cute accessories alright. A fork and a spoon? *giggles* I saw one, a pair of bikinis! And then there's another one... say, why don't you go check 'em out? *winks*

SPOTTED: Hearts Fashion

Check out this sweet blouse here. An empired waisted one to enhance the assets and slim down the waist. This one is sure something we all want in out blouses, no?

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces

There she goes again with another design. This time with hoop earrings, eh? *grins* Lovely! And dainty too with the cute little flower charm there. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Kimono Princess *Newbie*

Another kimono? Oh yes, baby! I reckon this one here's a top, no? *winks* A little too short to be a mini dress. Tee-hee. They are all about kimonos! So what are you waiting for?!

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

More max dresses as well! And this one with sweet little yellow flower all over it too *giggles* Wouldn't you wanna wear something swee like this out already?

Ok, the blogger is sleepy.. *yawns & rubs eyes* nitesy


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