Saturday, October 11, 2008

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Wooden heels, stripes and a velvet ribbon on each side? *giggles* Aren't they the cutest pair of shoes you've ever seen? Ok, that phrase is over used but you get what I mean, no? So get yourself a pair already!


Long ribbed hoodies. Adorned with stars. Ooo.. isn't that lovely? *grins* very suitable especially for the taller babes, no? No worries about it hanging at some odd length now. Oh, not restockable so do hurry if you want one for yourselves!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

More vintage inspired goodies! A simple heart charm in brass is all you need. No need for fanciful charms, simplicity sometime may mean more, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Ellebee *Newbie*

'em BF dressings more? this one is mighty striped and oh, it even comes with a skinny belt as well, eh? Awesome! Makes the whole outfit complete now isn't it? tee-hee

SPOTTED: By mena *Newbie*

Another newbie and she brings you plenty of shirt dresses! For work? For play? Which one? Well, they all fit both occasions! Ain't that fab news? *grins* You bet 'cha!


Your sister in shopping

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