Monday, October 6, 2008


Now isn't that a cute bag? Actually it's something rather simple just that the bow makes it all so cutesy! *grins* I know! And it's in sunshine yellow too! Woot! Me loike it! *giggles* Feeling all happy already!


And more bags that promote go green! Now it seems to be the new fashion to be carrying goods that are sending out positive messages, no? *winks* reduce global warming by using bags such as these!

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

Now we had our fair share of toga dresses but what about something like this one here? A one shoulder dress and yes, that sure reminds us of Victoria Beckham, no? *winks* Plus, the cincher? They are so selling it as well!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

The charms are getting more detailed than ever before, no? I mean check out this one here, a merry-go-round! *giggles* Sure brings back good memories with this piece, no? Like it? Own it already!

SPOTTED: Bling2bling

And other than the usual charms and what nots we have the pearls! Simple black and white ones as well for you lot. Looking classy and elegant already with this one here, no? I sure think so! Woot!

SPOTTED: Little Buttonx

We sure like 'em cute tees alright! This one here had little turtles all over it *grins* So cutesy, no? I'm liking it already! Always have a soft spot for all things cute, don't you too? *winks*

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

More quilted bags! And in pink? Oo.. isn't that the sweetest thing ever? Looks perfect for a weekend tote or shoulder bag no? What a match for days when you wanna let your hair down and do all things fun!

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

That sure is one dazzling piece, no? Not something we see everyday with the pretty gold flowers adorned all over it *winks* I'd say this one would make a great appearance at that even that is coming up real soon, no? *winks*


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