Monday, October 6, 2008


They are back not only with new goodies but also fab offers! *grins* Isn't that great? And check out this sweet yellow sunshine dress here! It's the smocked kinda but it has a sash you can so play around with, no? *giggles*

SPOTTED: Scarlet Redz

Batik maxi anyone? Yes, they are still around and I reckon the maxi dresses are gonna be as common as mini dresses in time to come, no? Woot! Now we can like so start a brand new collection, can?

SPOTTED: 'lil jewelry lover

More goodies from her. It's been a while hasn't it? and how sweet of her to bring you sweet little angels with hoop earrings! *grins* Uber adorable, no? Totally! I loike it! *winks*

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

I like got an sms about updates while I was sleeping, can? They sure work hard! And you can see why when most of their goodies are already sold out! But.. they still got some of these uber yummy high waisted shorts left! So hurry along now

SPOTTED: Little Dressing Room

And even more vintage cinchers for you lot! Woot! Simple without fanciful designs, sometimes these are just what we're looking for, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Champagne Pastel

More silk flutter sleeved goodies! *giggles* And yes, they sure look good don't they? With the batik prints and all there as well! *nods nods* Get yourself a piece before they sell out again!

SPOTTED: A Tender Whisper

Another sweet mini dress here and ohh.. a hummingbird is it? Aww.. that sure is sweet *giggles* Simple motif on a white background, so totally my thing, can?

SPOTTED: My Closet Giggles

Ooo.. more canvas bags! And if I'm not mistaken they are so the right size for fitting lappies! And totally chic to be carrying something like that, no? *winks*


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