Friday, October 31, 2008


How about a chiffon blouse eh babes? Something with the light ruffles, classy and yet somewhat playful, no? *giggles* totally suitable to bring some fun into the workplace this one here!

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

More dual toned goodies eh? And yes, the bottom half is floral! Woot! We loike it! I mean like puffy sleeves, pussybow and a floral lower half? It's all nicely matched in this one piece for you!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Yes, it's another charmbracelet! And we totally dig charmbracelets, don't we? It never seems to be enough no matter how many we have! We just keep wanting more!

SPOTTED: Daisy Dressy

Big huge batik floral print right smack in the middle of the dress! Woot! Now that's really awesome isn't it babes? Go get some traditional batik additions to your wardrobe today!

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

Pinstriped and looking good! Looks cute as well with them puffy sleeves and the square neckline there *grins* add on a cincher to accentuate that waist already!

SPOTTED: Sugadollies!

I missed you babes!! Check out this black dress, can? The ruffles along the neckline and the hemline both have got eyelets! *giggles* So pretty and dainty, no? *giggles*


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