Saturday, November 1, 2008

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Pretty bag with eyeley details. Aven comes with a little matching pouch, can? *grins* reminds me of Blair. Tee-hee. This is really overdose of Gossip Girl isn't it? Oopsies!

SPOTTED: Violetpots

Ooo.. check it out. A bejewelled top, can? and right smack in the middle too. Now we know where the attention is aimed at, don't we? *grins* the colour is pretty awesome too, no?

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

Sling it, clutch it, wear it the way you want it babes! *giggles* This one has an old school touch to it, no? And we sure love it when they are like these!

SPOTTED: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Remember this? and remember that it was sold out as well? Fret no more, cuz now we have them again! Limited in number of course, so if you want a piece, do hurry and get yours!

SPOTTED: Think Glamz *Newbie*

Rocker chick in the house! Woot! Check it out, that black jacket is gonna look awesome with some low cut pants there alright. Mm.. totally sexy and hot babes!

SPOTTED: Zarfa Wardrobe *Newbie*

Army print hoodie! Going for only RM 30 babes! Grab them now and grab them fast while stocks last! Tee-hee. I want one too! Race ya!

SPOTTED: Cute as a Button

Even the bags are vintage now and they sure are versatile and classy as well, no? Perfect to fit that laptop you gotta carry to classes and such, can?


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