Sunday, October 19, 2008

SPOTTED: Closet 5796 *Newbie*

Hey babes, have you been like searching all over for a pair of denim mini skirts? Well, look here and there they are! They have got it just for you babes *grins* Ain't that fab? Every girl needs one of these!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

She's back with more goodies! And this one here sure is a cutie pie alright. A simple dress with animal prints at the hem? Aww.. *giggles* Me like it. very simple, very cute indeed! Woot!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Harem pants! They are always bringing you some runway inspired pieces no? And this time it is no different. If you're not the skinnies kinda girl, then maybe you have been waiting just for this one here!

SPOTTED: Pink Gincu

More cute hoodies! And these here got some cats printed all over 'em. Are you a cat lover? *giggles* well, you don't have to be one to wear one. This here would look good with just anybody! Meow!

SPOTTED: Kisssss and Tell

This kimono sure is one of a kind, no? A face on a kimono, definitely not something you come across every day now. The soft blue background sure makes the colours stand out doesn't it? *giggles*


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