Sunday, October 19, 2008

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Why is it isn't another ruffled neckline toga dress! And you know how fast the goods go when it comes t Pumpkin, no? Never missing a beat. The last I checked, last piece of this one left. Not sure about the status now, why don't you find out? *grins*

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

Even they have brought in the butterfly sleeved goodies! Woot! isn't that fab? How it makes those arms slimmer and well, your whole figure slimmer and sexier too, especially cuz it's made of satin *winks*

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

Pink peep toe heels? Barbie pink peep toe heels? Omg! How awesome is that?! you really have to get your hands on a pair now babes, they look good and they sure are gonna get your feet plenty of attention with these. Come on, show them pretty feet off now!

SPOTTED: Saradotmy

Autumn prints are even available on cardis now babes! Check 'em out. And this is just one design, they have more of course. So hurry to take your pick before everyone else does alright? *Grins*

SPOTTED: Mezzanine

More heels! *squeals* Oh, don't you just love heels babes? Especially when they are less pricey when they are available online *giggles* this one here sure is a special design, no? Get yourself a pair already!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

More floral prints on a sweet and sexy halter neck dress! Ohh, do notice the hemline of the dress. It's tiered, can? *giggles* definitely something we don't come across everyday, no?

SPOTTED: d'boolat Boutique

Speaking of floral designs, be sure to check out this one here too. floral printed tube tops or rather, a halter top? That depends on how you wanna wear it babes! *grins*

SPOTTED: Fashion Unleashed

Ooo.. another ruffled top?! And check out the shorts as well. Yup, they are both for sale. Looking very smart in this outfit, no? *giggles* Get one and match it with other goodies from your wardrobe already! Woot!


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