Monday, October 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

She's back! and she's back with something awesome! This charmbracelet here is one of a kind and why? Cuz she only has one of the red handbag charm! So if you want this, then better hurry now

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

Dual toned goodies sure has captured our interests alright, no? What more when it comes with sweet colours paired with the classic black? This is definitely the way to go

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

More headbands! Whether you dress like Jenny Humphrey or Blair Waldrof, they got the headband to suit your needs. And they are handmade too mind you *grins* Awesome!

SPOTTED: Dwotties

It's almost Halloween! And though we don't celebrate it but hey, never hurt to have accessories that are in season, no? Check out this cute 'lil pumpkin here! No one said it has to be scary *giggles*


Stripey and off shoulder too? ahh.. for those of you who love stripes and no.. not all stripes make you look fat, so not true! this one is even sexy by flaunting that shoulder *winks*

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

And more dual toned goodies! In the form of a halter dress too *giggles* Sure looks good doesn't it? Tee-hee. I sure think so too babes. Wanna get one already?

SPOTTED: Scarlet Redz

More maxi dresses? Here they are babes! And in the best kinda prints you like them with too! floral! Yay! Floral is like so good for every and any season, can? Tee-hee


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