Sunday, October 26, 2008

Readers’ Stories Chapter V

Scenario #1

Now this isn't a new thing but despite the emails sent by the respective owners, this issue is still occurring today. And the issue is none other than taking pictures from other e-shops to put in your own as you're selling the same items. Now this is something that sorta kinda creates a tension between the e-shops. After all, e-shop owners start their own to be different, no?


I understand that not everyone has a camera and all that and I also hope that instead of "stealing" pictures and cropping off the e-shop name, perhaps you could ask permission first? Cuz these babes really spend hours just trying to capture the best angle of the item. I even heard some people spend up to 6 hours for photoshoot!

On a similar note, not only are there infringement on the photos, there are also infringement in terms of the layout of the e-shop blog. Almost identical layout and description were found. While there are no copyright and such when it comes to e-shops, I supposed it's a good thing to try to be different?

Scenario #2

E-shop owners have their own policies when it comes to reservations. Some allow it. Some disallow it. Some allow for extension when given reasons. Such is the case of customer A. Customer A made a reservation for an item with e-shop B. Customer A asked for an extension for reservation due to personal reasons. When the time was up, customer A wanted to collect the item only to find that the item has been released. Customer is disappointed as the item is no longer found in other e-shops


I'm not sure why or what happened in this case. I suppose there was some miscommunication? It is best to follow up with the customer and vice versa with regards to any reservations for an extended period of time. or perhaps, it would be safer in a sense to have a small deposit paid for the item in such events?

Scenario #3

Customer X ordered an item and was to receive the item by post. When she checked the tracking number she found out that the item was sent to a different person with a different address. Customer X then went to contact the e-shop owner about this matter in hopes of solving the issue. But alas, there were no replies. Thankfully the people from the post office were very helpful and managed to trace it back for her


I understand that sometimes we make errors when it comes to copying and transferring addresses for postage. This is usually unlikely but it's best to double and triple check as customers have paid for the item. Besides that, the whole issue here is more towards the service that the customer is receiving, that it does not end when the money is paid. Post-purchase service plays an important role as well!

Scenario #4

This one is something we frequently hear about. It has to do with pre-order blogs where there are incidences that the actual item does not reflect what was displayed i.e. colour, size, design. The material is also found to be different. And the worst case scenario occurs when the e-shop owner receives the payment but fails to deliver the items but is still running the business. Despite the many emails, they go unreplied and unheard of


I'm not in the place to judge and I am sure there are many who are doing honest pre-order business out there. But this issue seems to be on that keeps recurring, no? I suggest customers obtain the contact number of the e-shop owner and also to ensure it is a working number. As for those who didn't manage to get the contact number, perhaps the customers with similar experiences can offer a helping hand with regards to solving this matter?

What say you?


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

i would like to ask from any of you customers that have the same problem with me (waiting for pre-order shoes from China), if the e-shop owner is running a real business or just a con? if the e-shop is a con, what am i gonna do?waited for months now. geez!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was in the same situation as you. I pre-ordered some shoes and clothes from one e-shop. Owner did send me some updates but always tell me to wait. Only after 2 months of waiting, I got my stuff. But luckily!! The shoes and clothes are lovely..... so it's worth the wait.
But really...the 2 months period was quite scary..coz i paid like so much for the shoes+clothes.. if the e-shop is con, i really wonder what will happen to my money? I advised the e-shop to bring in some available items.. Hope she wil consider it lah!

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing which happened to me was in Selltrade_kl. I always loved STKL. However, last Thursday it changed my WHOLE PERCEPTION.

I ordered a top, from a girl. I knew her hp number because I've dealt with her a couple of times.
I dropped her a message saying i'd offer RM25 for the top (it was RM20). She said she'd get back to me. And so I waited.

At night around 1 am, I proceeded to enquire her about the item. And this was what she replied me (words exactly from the SMS):
'Hehe lol. D other buyer hasn't replied my mail but k la it's all urs at rm25 hon:)'

And so we proceeded to seal a deal at RM25 meeting at SS15 McD's at 4 pm the next day. In fact I asked my boyfriend to stay back to collect the item for me.

At 3.42pm the next day, she msged me saying 'babe, can u ask ur bf if he could meet me at say 9.30pm? So sorry yea but there's some last min complications therefore i've to postpone it'

So being very very considerate (even if I made my bf wait), I agreed to meet her the very next day at Curve.

As I was asking her what time would our meet up be. she replied at 4.19pm saying 'babe i am terrible sorry but i've some bad news d other buyer who also wants the same tio u do is insisting i'm not bein fair2 her as she commented on my sales post 1st confirming d 2 tops n says she accepted d bin price of BIN price of rm30 1st.'

So I understood and I said, why not let us bid instead?

And she proceeded to reply ' well, ok hon. thx so much 4 being understanding! Hon, I am afraid i've already accepted her BIN price'.

So I thought she wanted to be fair, I helped make her life easier, and she treats me 'fairly' I guess?????

She was the one who sealed the deal at first, made my boyfriend wait and also, made me msg her so many times before she replied!

Do you think this is fair?

Anonymous said...

I have some comments on scenario 1: I saw a seller using our photos without our permission and even selling it at a cheaper price than us. It's really cheap that not only our hardwork is stolen, moreoever trying to snatch customers by starting a price war, how cheap and low can they get?

Anonymous said...

Mine was even worse. This e-shop owner updated a couple of beautiful tops. I reserved one for myself. But told her I can only cod next week after my finals are over. She agreed and confirmed the cod place. In the end, when I asked her to confirm my top again, she said some other customer offer to purchase it earlier than me. It's fine with me but what pisses me off is she didn't put the "first come first serve" basis on her terms and conditions. And didn't even inform me someone else purchased it already. such bad service to her customers.

And another e-shop owner was going to restock this dress. She told me that that dress is no longer available already. So I said ok.. I'm fine with it. Another dress I'll buy then. Then out of the blue, she asked me whether am I interested to purchase it earlier by offering her Rm5 more? I think this is bullshit! e-shop owners should be fair to all their customers. >:|