Sunday, October 12, 2008

SPOTTED: Kocek Clothing *Newbie*

One for the men! This must be what y'all been waiting for, no? As a matter of fact, I have no idea how many males visit this sire but I have been asked where are the clothes for men?! Well, here you are! Shirts, tees, jackets and hoodies, they have it all, just for men

SPOTTED: My Dress Space

Fancy a little babydoll top? *grins* There you have it. Something sweet with 'em puffy sleeves like this are sure to catch your attention, no? Tee-hee. Makes us look all so slimmer too!

SPOTTED: Arona Avyanna

A little halter neck piece for you ladies? A plain piece with simple flower design on it. ahh.. such a cutie isn't it? Tee-hee. Simple but cute. That's what we like

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels *Newbie*

Yet another one from Victoria Secret. Don't we all just love 'em goodies? Especially when they are so nicely cut to emphasize the figure already *giggles*

SPOTTED: C-stylish

Gucci by Gucci. Ooo.. so classy by just the name. Wouldn't you wanna own it already? I don't know about you, but buying perfume and getting them cheaper than retail is definitely something that attracts my attention!


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