Sunday, October 12, 2008

E-Shop of the Week: Oh My Clothes!

It kinda strikes me as scary because I'm writing this post again, a week just flew by? O.o Time DOES fly now, doesn't it?

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

Dresses with prints are something you surely cannot miss. As simple and plain Jane as you wanna be, every girl ought to have one of these. They are the reminders of fun summer, can? be it sleeveless or not, prints are a must have! Plus, it's always summer here *grins*

Another must have item, the kimono! A satin one too mind you. We just can't get enough of 'em flutter sleeves, no? *giggles* They sure are becoming the biggest hit this year alright!

Another big hit are the maxi dresses! We've seen them simple, sexy, casual and then this one here is slightly dual toned. Very casual yet somewhat stylish. Makes it versatile, just the way we like 'em to be!

And.. they even have skirts for us. On suspenders! Awesome. High waisted or layered, the choice of course is for you to make babes!

And they too have other dresses, plain coloured for your liking in every design to cater for say, everyone out there? *grins* isn't that fab? Everyone can shop here now!

And last but not least, shoes! These here are like a mix between glads and laced up oxfords now, no? The best of both worlds for your liking! Woot! That's awesome. And on heels, we like 'em best!

Surely these ain't all they've got, no? Of course not, silly! Check 'em out for more!


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Eve's Closet said...

hey can't help noticing how humorous Oh My Clothes banner is. nice for a change to see banners like these for online boutiques.

xmizanx said...

nice to go some function with it... really great""