Monday, October 20, 2008

SPOTTED:Like, seriously

Hey they got checks too. Be it on a shirt or on a dress, they got it both and that sure is fab, no? Looks like we're really digging this plaids, checks and gingham thing aren't we?

SPOTTED:Kisssss and Tell

Look who else have got wedges! They are mighty high, no? And not only so they even got cute little hearts at the sides too *giggles* cute and playful pair of wedges!


More headbands! Oh, it's in yellow? That totally reminds me of Blair! Ok, I so gotta stop linking everything with Gossip Girl, can? though it's really addictive! And so are headbands!

SPOTTED:A Fashion Story

And more bling bling with the accessories with this one here. Something like this will definitely be eye catching, no? *winks* Sparkly, me likey! Tee-hee

SPOTTED:Charming Pieces

Speaking of accessories, she made yet another design! Heart, key, flowers are so a feminine thing. Yet paired with dark blue crystals there, makes it a balance already, no?

SPOTTED:Uber Love by Miss Lyana

Bags, anyone? Them big ones too, mind you. They really are the most handy ones around, especially when we always find ourselves with more things to carry along with us. Well, it does happen to me. Doesn't it happen to you too?

SPOTTED:The Cute Closet

They really do have a whole lot of tees in store don't they? And not only are they cute, this time they even come with them blings! Ahh.. more funky tees are on the way babes!

SPOTTED: Mia and Mika

And yes, they have more branded apparels for you. Like this one here, from Warehouse retailing at a price lower than in the stores! And despite it isn't summer anymore, flowers are always, always in season


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