Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SPOTTED: Lacquer and Lace

They have more shoes again and this time they are Juicy Couture inspired ballet flats, can? OMG, like wouldn't we love to own something like that? Apart from the whole stilettos and pumps craze, having comfy ballet flats sure are comforting!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

Well, if you must have them, here are more peep toes heels for you babes! Check out the stiletto heels on these. Woot! Sexy-licious there now, aren't they? *grins* I totally agree with that one babes!

SPOTTED: Oh, Popsicles!

Fancy some high waisted shorts? They aren't all gone yet, they still got some more here *grins* And they look as good as ever! Plus, they totally have functional pockets as well! How handy, no?

SPOTTED: Jolly Dolly

And let's give it for another bag! Haven't seen bags in a while, especially hobo bags like these. And one in brown which brings a tinge of vintage as well *grins* We sure love our bags to match the amount of vintage goodies we snagged alright


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