Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SPOTTED: Shop Like a Celebrities

Heart print hoodies! Woot! I think they look fab, don't you too? *grins* and one like this surely do not need to cost you a bomb! *grins* Grab one today if you have yet to have one, or just add another hoodie to your collection!

SPOTTED: Angelface

More headbands! Seriously I was like re-watching Gossip Girl epis and I realised how many different headabands Blair has got! Now, we can have just as many as well! *grins*

SPOTTED: Bimbs Wardrobe

Ooo.. another floral printed dress! Woot! I think that looks fab, don't you too? *giggles* Always the sweetest thing with floral prints, no? All girly girl again!

SPOTTED: Kissssss and Tell

Looks like they have more peep toe stilettos to offer us and this time in electric blue. My, my, check out that height already! Woot! Sure will make all petites of model height with this pair here, no?

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

Now we even got plaids on our bags! Sure reminds me of Burberry, somewhat, no? *grins* And it only costs you 50 buckaroos! Isn't that a steal for a bag like this? Tee-hee. Hurry to place an order if you want a piece!


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