Sunday, November 30, 2008

E-shop of the Week: Phlox Studio

SPOTTED: Phlox Studio

They call it the Gossip Girl inspired dress and I wouldn't disagree. The colours are classic and you can be sure that this dress would look good in any setting alright!

Or.. would you prefer something more exceptional? Halter mini dresses? They have a whole range for you to choose from, can? And not only so, each design, unique in its own way allowing you to have a field day just choosing the right one! Tee-hee. And oh, you like that bag, don't you? Well, it is totally for sale!

And for the men as well. Aww.. isn't that sweet? The boyfriend can now shop with us too! They must be glad! *grins* All kinds of designs for shirts alright. Simple casual wear. Perfect for those dates that are coming up, no?

Oh, they have striped shorts as well! *giggles* Man, this must be like one of the best spots for the guys to shop online aright! Kudos to phlox for bringing in this range! I'm pretty sure there will be many happy customers

And back to the babes! Ahh.. more mini dresses! These time with sleeves. Flutter or lantern sleeves? Whichever that tickles your fancy babes, they have got it all in store for you! Woot!

Now, now, do not worry when you don't see these goodies in the blog yet, there aren't sold out. But instead, this is just a sneak preview *winks*

Oh, btw they totally have a sale site as well too. Right here: Phlox Sales


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